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By Barry Donnelly

Imagine yourself...adrift in a four-metre tinnie within the shark-infested waters of the Pacific Ocean—lost and possible forgotten—shark bait!

Ben Tooki, his uncle and a chum have been stuck in a hurricane off the island of Kiribati and swept out to sea. For 46 days they have been adrift with little meals or water.

There's a typhoon shapin' up; it has been gettin' to complete on all day. We listen the rumbling noise. It seems like the track of a digeridoo, a type of buzzing sound.

"What's that noise, it really is getting louder?"

"It's comin' in our direction!"

The wave grows right into a big bulge within the ocean. Lifts us like an elevator, after which starts to roll ahead, now not breaking, yet bent on offering us to a couple type of eternity. we are 3 males, goin' to convinced demise at the mom of all waves, 3 males in an elevator, using a boiling mass of water. It lasts probably seconds, however it sounds like an entire life, and the tinnie turns within the air, completing the other way up, and me spinning...

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These are a few of the reasons I’m not booked on the same plane as Mum and her “colleagues”, because I want to make my own decisions. Besides, it’s Christmas, and I should stay with Neville for at least a couple of days. ” before pissing off to Kiribati. So we arrive, and I creep into Neville’s bedroom wearing a silly grin on my face. Neville’s not expecting us at this hour, of course. I give a loud whisper, ‘Hey, Nev, mate! ’ Neville stirs, and then sits bolt upright in fright. The look on his face is something to imagine.

I grew up by the sea. I spent half my life on a tiny atoll of land. I swam in the ocean day in and day out, risking life in the deep reefs, fishing with improvised spear guns. The sea is always part of a mystery to me, the way it behaves. It can be friendly one minute, and your very worst enemy the next. Nature is cruel. It can be rough on land, but down there … oh, man, there’s things down there will give you the creeps for all time. If a five-storey wave happens to waltz along, if you get tipped into the raging wash, you’ll be a fish’s dinner in about five seconds.

He explained simply his reason for anger. I was in my thirties, and my father was nervous, thinking I could never give birth. He left then for Beru, his home island, and sent his sister back to attend to me. On the 13th April, nineteen eighty-two, I gave birth to a healthy boy. My baby was no longer a dream, but a real bundle in my arms. I couldn’t leave him alone. I loved him so much. He was perfect. At the first touch of my nipple, he was away, as if he’d been starving. My father came back from Beru, and I could see from his face how happy he was to see me nursing.

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