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It may however be an interesting fact to know that there exist proofs that some optimization algorithms (like simulated annealing and random optimiza- 12 1 Introduction tion) will always find the global optimum (when granted a very long, if not infinite, processing time). 2 on page 8 represents an example for the objective values of a function f : R2 → R. Such a function can be considered as a field 17 an assignment of a (quantity (the objective values) to every point of the (two-dimensional) space.

7 The Optimal Set 37 directly on the n = |F | objective values of the individuals and hence, can treat them as n-dimensional vectors. We view the n-dimensional space as a grid, creating d divisions in each dimension. The span of each dimension is defined by the minimum and maximum objective values of the individuals in that dimension. The individuals with the minimum/maximum values are preserved always. Therefore, it is not possible to define maximum optimal set sizes k which are smaller then 2n.

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