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This Elibron Classics e-book is a facsimile reprint of a 1910 version by way of Macmillan and Co., constrained, London.

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Of this rest the most interesting, perhaps, are the small but curious knot of critics who lead up in various ways to Sidneyand Harvey,who seemto have excitedconsiderable interest at the time, and who were not succeeded,after the earlyyearsof James,by any considerable body of critics of English till John Dryden beganto write in the last third of II D 34 KAKLY KLIZAHETI1AX I'R<>SK the followingcentury. ), the chief is the author of the anonymousArt of EnglishPoesie,publishedthe year after the Armada, and just before the appearanceof The Faerie Queene.

John Lyly is a personof much more consequencein English literature than the conceited and pragmaticalpedant who wrote Pierces Supererogation. He is familiar, almost literally to every schoolboy,as the author of the charming piece, "Cupid with my CampaspePlayed," and his dramatic work will come in for notice in a future chapter; but he is chiefly thought of by posterity, whether favourably or the reverse, as the author of Eitphucs. Exceedinglylittle is known about his life, and it is necessaryto say that the usually accepted dates of his death, his children's birth, and so forth, depend wholly on the identification of a John Lilly, who is the subject of such entries in the registers of a London church, with the euphuist and dramatist-an identifica- tion which requires confirmation.

Stanyhurstwas not, as might be hastily imagined, a personof insufficient culture or insufficient brains. He was an Irish Roman Catholic gentleman,brother-in-lawto Lord Dunsany,and uncle to Archbishop Usher, and though he was author of the Irish part of Holinshed's History, he has alwaysbeen regarded by the madder sort of Hibernians as a traitor to the nation. His father was Recorder of Dublin, and he himself, having been born about 1547, was educated at University College, Oxford, and went thence, if not to the Inns of Court, at any rate to those of Chancery, and became a student of Furnival's Inn.

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