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By Aubrey L. Glazer

A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking is a look for authenticity that mixes serious considering with a longing for heartfelt poetics. A physiognomy of considering addresses the determine of a lifestyles lived the place idea and praxis are unified. This examine explores how the severe essays on song of German-Jewish philosopher, Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno (1903-1969) inevitably accompany the downfall of metaphysics. through scrutinizing a serious juncture in smooth highbrow heritage, marked in 1931 through Adorno's founding of the Frankfurt Institute for Social examine, missed purposes of serious idea to Jewish proposal develop into attainable. This research proffers a positive justification of a severe point of view, reconstructively proven how such beliefs are visible less than the genealogical proviso of re/cognizing their unique that means. Re/cognition of A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking redresses overlooked purposes of unfavorable Dialectics, the poetics of God, the metaphysics of musical pondering, reification in Zionism, the transpoetics of Physics and Metaphysics, in addition to correlating Aesthetic concept to Jewish legislations (halakhah). >

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55 What is crucial in this negative turn in dialectics is a decentering of the subject to no longer be capable of rationally penetrating all of reality, thus allowing for a liberation from the compulsion of unifying all its knowledge. What emerges is a subject with access to a different kind of knowing. ”56 In what follows, I explore some contours of that “uncharted” territory, that interworld between imagination and reality, known as the imaginal. 57 Opening to the Imaginal through the Negative in Adorno’s Dialectics Just as within the aniconic surface of Judaism58 there remains a highly cultivated formless iconic embodiment within its mystical layers, so too within the rationalism undergirding Adorno’s neo-Hegelian dialectical process, there are other colors shining forth from the chasm of nonbeing.

For the Denker already realizes that “the poetic character of thinking is still veiled over . . ”41 Once attuned to the power of a thinking poetry, a more poetic thinking is then possible. 44 To be ready for this glimmer of the last requires what remains in the offing to be futurized. The other possibility is a further rupture in the temporal-spatial realm, whereby another realm opens from its interiority to reveal the concealed origin which grounds be-ing’s truth. The move beyond Being to original be-ing parallels the movement away from God to the original gods.

16 This is especially evident after the Shoah, where the embarrassment over the intersection of esoteric and critical knowledge has only increased. 17 The possibility of Jewish Thinking as authentic philosophy resurfaces in the epilogue to philosopher Robert Gibbs’ critical work on Emmanuel Lévinas and Franz Rosenzweig. ” 1. Universal Accessibility: (a messianic universalism that is theocentric); 2. Primacy of Ethics: (encountering truth through praxis); 3. Sociality not Individuality: (responsibility in community and public society); 4.

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