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By H. T. Lau

It is a large library of c workouts to just do approximately something. the one sore spots are the various vector and matrix workouts. they're divided up in order that a few extremely simple operations require numerous exercises. in fact this was once performed for flexibility, yet a few may well locate that writing their very own is extra effective. additionally, the 2 element boundary worth challenge solvers are very restricted and the DE part in basic terms comprises consistent time-step solvers. The particular functionality part is superb, even if. however, regardless of the restrictions, i've got stumbled on this to be a gold mine of workouts and an exceptionally invaluable ebook. i will be able to frequently locate stuff the following that's virtually very unlikely to discover in different places.

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0 ; if (im[jl ! 0) ( for (i=l; i<=n; i++) { aij=a[il [jl ; aijl=a [il [j+ll ; u=ai j*ai j+aijl*aijl; if (U > S) ( s=u; if (s ! 0) { v=a[kl [jl /s; w = -a[kl [j+lI/s; for (i=l; 1c=n; i++) ( u=a [il [ j I ; s=a [il [j+ll ; a [i] [j]=u*v-s*w; a [il [j+l]=u*w+s*v; I Copyright 1995 by CRC Press, Inc 1 j++; } else { for (i=l; i<=n; i++) if (fabs(a[il [jl) > fabs(s)) s=a[il [jl ; if (s ! 0) for (i=l; i<=n; i++) a[il [jl / = s; B. ,n2)). Function Parameters: void sclcom (ar,ai,n,nl,n2) ar,ai: float ar[l:n,nl:n2], ai[l:n,nl:n2]; entry: the real part and the imaginary part of the matrix of which the columns are to be scaled must be given in the arrays a r and ai, respectively; the real part and imaginary part of the matrix with scaled columns are exit: delivered in the arrays a r and ai; n: int; the order of the matrix; nl,n2: int; the nl-th to n2-th column vectors are to be scaled.

Function Parameters: void elmcolvec (I,u, i, a, b,x) 1,u: int; lower and upper bound of the running subscript; i: int; column-index of a; float a[l:u, i:i], b[l:u]; a, b: x: float; elimination factor. void elmcolvec(int 1, int u, int i, float **a, float b[l , float x) ( for (; lc=u; I++) a [ll [il += b[ll *x; I F. ,u). Function Parameters: void elmvecrow (I,u, i,a, b,x) 1,u: int; lower and upper bound of the running subscript; i: int; row-index of b; float a[l:u], b[i:i, l:u]; a,b: x: float; elimination factor.

14 Complex vector and matrix - Elimination A. , u. Function Parameters: void elmcomveccol (I,u,j,ar,ai,br, bi,xr,xi) 1,u: int; lower and upper bounds of the vectors; j : int; column-index of br and bi; ar, ai: float ar[l: u], ai[l: u]; entry: ar: real part and ai: imaginary part of the vector; exit: the resulting vector (adds xr+xi*i times the complex column vector given in arrays br and bi to the complex vector given in arrays a r and ai); br, bi: float br[l:u,jj], bi[l:u,jj]; entry: br: real part and bi: imaginary part of the column vector; xr,xi: float; entry: xr: real part and xi: imaginary part of the elimination factor.

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