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By Roger J. Williams, Dwight K. Kalita

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In soil, these organisms break down fiber to form acids which help make the nutrients in the earth available to plants. In the intestine, fiber and bile salts are likewise broken down into acids, presumably for useful purposes. In grass eating animals, the intestinal bacteria break down fiber in such large amounts that the resultant acids (chiefly acetic acid) becomes a major source of food energy. But in man this happens only to a small extent, perhaps just enough for the health of our bacteria and as part of the delicate balance of cholesterol which we make from acetic acid.

The dangerous twins! * How, with the best of intentions, we have managed to process natural foods into appetite-tempting, disease-breeding trouble-makers... MILES H. ROBINSON Eighteen years later, in his latest book, The Saccharine Disease [2], Dr. Cleave now shows in detail how the removal of roughage from these foods greatly slows the passage of the bowel contents, which produces diverticular1 disease, and is a strong factor in cancer of the colon. In addition, the relatively stagnant accumulation of feces pressing on the great pelvic veins raises the pressure in them, slows the flow of blood draining from the area of the rectum and legs, and the end results can be hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and femoral thrombosis (which Mr.

The probability of allergy formation is greatly decreased if a large variety of foods are consumed in a randomized manner. The greater the variety of foods, the smaller will be the intake of each, and the less likelihood there is allergies will develop. W. Body Mind and Sugar. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1951. Adams, R. and Murray, F. Body, Mind and The B Vitamins. Larchmont Books, New York, 1972. Bailley, H. The Vitamin Pioneers. Rodale Books, Inc. Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1968. Blaine, Tom R.

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