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By Patrick R. Schaumont

This booklet presents a scientific advent to the subject of Hardware-Software Codesign. the cloth emphasizes the elemental rules, and the sensible elements of Hardware-Software Codesign. The e-book constructed from a path related to Hardware-Software Codesign, geared up via the writer at Virginia Tech. it's separated into 4 differenct sections; simple thoughts, customized Architectures, Hardware/Software Interfaces, and purposes. the writer covers many innovations together with some of the different types of expressing computations, sequential and parallel implementations, control-flow and data-flow, keep an eye on dependency and information dependency, latency and throughput in addition to the structure layout house of facts paths, finite country machines, micro-programmed machines, instruction-set processors, system-on-chip, and on-chip buses. the fabric additionally contains different different types of hardware/software interfaces, their impression on functionality, price, and software program complexity. The booklet comprises info on hardware/software integration of parts on best of hardware/software interfaces in addition to layout method and layout flows for hardware-software codesign together with functionality overview, verification and synthesis of and software program implementations. difficulties are integrated on the finish of every bankruptcy and a ideas handbook might be on hand for teachers.

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We can visualize this by moving the platform closer to the application in the case of specialized platforms. The effect of flexibility-efficiency trade-off on the source code of software can be illustrated with a small example. Consider the execution of the dot-product on a DSP processor such as TI’s C64x. 5 shows the body of the loop, optimized as assembly code for the TI C64x DSP processor. We only point out why this assembly code is architecture specific. The TI C64x is a highly parallel processor that has two multiply-accumulate units.

5. 10 Problems 31 and comparisons. The angles[] variable is an array of constants. Answer each of the following questions. Motivate your answer.  Do you think it is possible to implement this function on any architecture within 1,000 clock cycles?  Do you think it is possible to implement this function on any architecture within 1,000 s?  Do you think it is possible to implement this function on any architecture within 1 clock cycle?  Do you think it is possible to implement this function on any architecture within 1 s?

A cycle-accurate model does not capture propagation delays or glitches. All activities that fall ‘in between’ clock edges are concentrated at the clock edge itself. As a result, activities happen either immediately (for combinatorial circuits for example), or else after an integral number of clock cycles (for sequential circuits). The cycle-accurate level is 24 1 The Nature of Hardware and Software Continuous Time 0 Discrete Event 10 event_1 20 30 event_3 40 50 event_4 event_2 60 event_7 time (ns) events event_5 event_6 Cycle Accurate cycle-1 (event_1) (event_2) (event_3) Instruction Accurate mov r0,#5 (cycle_1) (cycle_2) clock cycles cycle-2 (event_4) (event_5) (event_6) (event_7) (event_7) ldr r1,[r0] (cycle_2) (cycle_3) (cycle_4) add r2,r1,#3 (cycle_4) (cycle_5) (cycle_6) mov r3,#0 (cycle_5) (cycle_6) instructions this book Transaction Accurate load_mem ldr r1,[r0] add r2,r1,#3 mov r3,#0 write_mem str r3,[r2] cmp r1,r3 ble 0x500 nop transactions Fig.

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