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By Glen Cook

Across the mountains referred to as the Dragon's tooth, past the nippiness achieve of the Werewind and the fires of the world's starting, above the partitions of the citadel Fangdred, stands Windtower. From this lonely preserve the superstar Rider calls forth the warfare that even wizards dread, fought for a woman's hundred-lifetime love. a lady known as Nepanthe, princess to the Stormkings…

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He did see my fear, she thought. And now he's trying to reassure me. Aloud, "What's he talking about? " The soldier suddenly seemed distressed. He tried to hedge. "Come, come, Rolf. I heard him use my name. " "As your Ladyship commands," he muttered. Plainly he feared losing his position as her captain. " A spark blazed in Nepanthe's eyes, a mote of fire that could easily become anger. " The anger waxed, spread from her eyes to her brow. " Rolf's manner made it obvious he wanted to be elsewhere.

Ridyeh sighed. " He shrugged. "The gate," Valther grumbled, embarrassed. Grunting, they heaved the bar aside, pushed the gate open. Ridyeh brought a torch from the gatehouse, carried it outside, wigwagged it above his head. Soon there came sounds of stealthily moving men. A giant of a man with a red beard emerged from the darkness, followed by sixty soldiers in the livery of Ravenkrak. "Ah, Captain Grimnason," Ridyeh chuckled. He embraced the shaggy giant. "You're right on time. " "Yes, Milord.

They cared for him like a precious jewel, giving the best of everything. In a land where disease, hunger, and malnutrition were constant companions of the poor, he had the gift of an excellent diet. He grew tall in a land where tall men were rare. His learning, under the tutelage of the priest, went well. He learned to write quickly, often used notes where another would have spoken. The priest was impressed with his ability. He refused all payment except the occasional gift of produce. He insisted that the teaching of an eager student was ample reward.

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