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By Piotr Tatjewski

This e-book provides the thoughts and algorithms of complicated business procedure regulate and online optimization in the framework of a multilayer constitution. It describes the interplay of 3 separate layers of method keep watch over: direct keep watch over, set-point regulate, and fiscal optimization. The publication good points illustrations of the methodologies and algorithms through labored examples and through result of simulations in keeping with commercial approach types.

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3): Fig. 6. 2 46 2 Model-based Fuzzy Control Fig. 7. Membership functions of fuzzy sets of the variable x1 Fig. 8. 5 + 3x1 + 1x2 Let us note that in spite of simple affine consequents the obtained mapping is strongly nonlinear. 1 Takagi-Sugeno (TS) Type Fuzzy Systems 47 1. Fuzzy partitioning: Dividing the range of variability of each input variable xj into partly overlapping sets Xjk , k = 1, ... , defining the number of fuzzy sets and assigning a shape and values of parameters of the membership function of each set.

However, if variability of these disturbances is not so slow, in the worst case even comparable with the process dynamics, then values of the set-points should be updated more often. 5 Optimization Layer 27 when predictive controllers are applied, as then specialized efficient solutions to this problem are possible. These will be discussed in Chapter 4, which is devoted to the set-point optimization, after presenting model predictive control in Chapter 3. From a point of view of the optimization, the disturbances w are parameters.

19). In a case of a minimization, it is in the form tk min{ J(c,y) = Q(c(t),y(t))dt } t0 subj. 20) Generally, it is either a problem with a periodic solution – then the period determines the optimization horizon, or a problem with a horizon resulting from the dynamics of disturbances w(t) and the dynamics of the process itself. In the latter case the formulated optimization problem is usually an element of a control in a repetitive structure with a receding horizon. However, when controlling continuous industrial processes, the disturbances usually do not allow for long-term forecasts, thus optimal solutions stabilize as constant or periodic.

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