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By Bob Blake

The emblem is of the traditional king, the secret is to the royal tomb and the magic is there to restore the king, yet the place is he buried? 32-page e-book with 2 covers.

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In the center of the floor is an engraved stone plaque which reads (see Player Handout for the plaque): From the fires of the past a new queen shall be born, from grave to grave in six months' time. The new is older than the old has been for time untold, and sunders old, the Mother rent in twain. The past shall be lost, but no future gained, for He and She shall perish in Divot's hot embrace as Her wrath devours all. " refers to the growth of the clone, the first grave being Llywelyn's and the last being his exit from this plane via (hopefully) the gate in 9f.

A tie break in this case is how much evidence the party has amassed, reflected in their total points here, so let them continue until they can think of nothing else. If they have 10+ points, Marna orders her guard to leave. When she is alone with the party, she removes her headdress, changing simultaneously into Llywelyn, whom of course the party recognizes. If the party does not have 10 points, Marna simply banishes them, sans anyone who has become pteranodon food. Evidence and Point Values_________ 1.

Appearing: 1-10 Armor Class: 8 Move: 3" Hit Dice: 4 % in Lair: 0% Treasure Type: Incidental only No. P. Value: III/110 + 4/hit point Viper vines are a type of carnivorous, poisonous plant indigenous to tropical forests, and 90% indistinguishable from normal NEW WEAPON Boomerang, war: Encumbrance: 30 gp Damage: 3-8 (1d6 + 2)/l-6 Rate of Fire: 2 Range: 2/4/6 vines. They hang from trees, trailing their ends on the ground to snare unwary animals. They have two forms of attack, the first being constriction as they wrap around their victim much like a snake, doing 1-4 points of damage each melee round.

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