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By Christopher A. Jones

Even though most sensible recognized at the present time for his previous English homilies, the Anglo-Saxon student ?lfric additionally composed, in a "letter" to his fellow priests, a suite of Latin liturgical directions that supply an extraordinary glimpse of what usual priests have been anticipated to grasp and do. This e-book features a new version of the Latin textual content with a serious equipment, and the single whole English translation. observation and huge introductory chapters determine the letter's remarkable significance for our figuring out of overdue Anglo-Saxon monasticism and liturgy.

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On all aspects of the Concordia and its backgrounds, see the introduction to RC (Kornexl) and summary in Kornexl, `The Regularis Concordia and its Old English Gloss'. 20 Structure and sources found working with the text rather challenging. All who know the Concordia can bear witness that it is hardly a lucid document. 9 In settling on this source álfric had to address linguistic and structural dif®culties, to be sure, but also practical and ideological ones that rendered the Concordia less than ideal for the needs of a small monastery in the early eleventh century.

39 álfric's Letter to the Monks of Eynsham shorter and less demanding; roles are doubled and clerical ranks, where not of immediate consequence, left unspeci®ed. álfric's brief instructions concerning the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday, for example, suggest a much simpler ceremony, perhaps without the lengthy private devotions recommended in the Concordia. 95 Such would obviously not be the case at Eynsham. Interpreting other apparent omissions requires greater caution. 97 álfric also omits a 92 93 94 95 96 97 See LME 43, trans.

Und bedecke [sie] mit dem Korporale') makes the bread and wine the objects of behelie, but the implied object should be altare, as it correctly is in the LME and Brief III. 51) instead of the indicative at LME 44 (dicit tunc abbas). See above, n. 26. On the status of the phrase uoce sonora, see RC (Kornexl), p. 313 (commentary to line 1137). Its absence in (Fa) and lack of a gloss in (Ti) suggest to her that the phrase was not part of the `original' text. The three álfrician texts also exhibit strong similarities in their restatement of the ®nal provisions about placing the particle of consecrated bread (or sanctum) in the chalice and about the order of communion.

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