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By Nancy Hooyman, Kevin S. Kawamoto, H. Asuman S. Kiyak


Presents Social Gerontology from a number of Perspectives


Aging issues illuminates cultural, organic, physiological, emotional, cognitive, monetary, and social features of getting older. an invaluable advisor to various disciplines, this name is helping readers of all academic backgrounds comprehend the dynamic interactions among older humans and their environments.




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What did you learn from this that may affect how you view older adults and aging? 7, respectively. S. Census Bureau, 2011). No one fully understands why women live longer than men, but several different explanations are supported by research. Women’s longer life expectancy may be due to a combination of biological factors, such as the genetic theory that the female’s two X chromosomes make her physiologically more robust, and of lifestyle factors, such as women’s greater likelihood of preventive health behaviors and their lower rates of smoking, ­substance abuse, and other high-risk behaviors across the life course.

This g­ eneration was born and spent their youth in an affluent, ­economically booming era. They experienced upheaval during their high school and college years, including protests against the Vietnam War; rock “n” roll, drugs and the sexual revolution; and the Civil Rights and women’s movements. S. generation to experience a mixture of national pride and cynicism about the role of their country in the world. They are more highly educated, are healthier, have a higher percent of women in the labor force, are more likely to hold professional and managerial jobs, and are more diverse than prior cohorts.

The long-range trend—and the focus of this book—is ­population aging, which refers to the sheer increase in the size of the population age 65 and older and a gain in the average age of a population. 1. Indeed, there is no historical p ­ recedent for population aging in any society around the world. It is the result of declines in birthrates and death rates, and differs from the individual aging process—or the physiological, psychological, and social changes of aging that we discuss throughout this book.

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