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AN advent TO relatives SOCIAL paintings, Fourth variation offers a powerful beginning within the thoughts and talents it is very important achieve perform with households. The ebook deals enticing case experiences, end-of-chapter workouts, illustrations, and photographs to familiarize you with the themes to hand.

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There are many sources for the aims and values. They may have been developed over many years or they may, as in several celebrated cases, result from the beliefs of one director or principal. Neill at Summerhill (Walmsley, 1969) immediately springs to mind. However they originated, the aims and values are likely to undergo change or at least amendment as society itself changes. There may well remain underlying eternal verities but the way they are expressed will alter over time. For example, a major purpose must be to prepare the young people for independent living in current society.

Furthermore, although it is a teaching and learning environment for both staff and young people, fundamentally the staff are the teachers. One-sided interaction by staff may be characterised as staff intervention. Intervention is one of the most sophisticated aspects of staff practice for staff who live and work with young people (Aguilera, 1994). In social work generally the term has been adopted as a specific procedure, normally concerned with families and children (Gupta and Coxhead, 1990). However, taken as a general term in the human environment, intervention occurs when staff influence young people to prevent or modify the result or course of events (Little and Mount, 1999).

Military training may produce friendships which last throughout a military career. Except under special circumstances, friendships formed in children’s homes, health settings and custodial care are less likely to survive the period of residence. Relationships may also be negative. Among other factors, status differentials may result in abuse or bullying and staff need to be aware of the potential for unhealthy relationships. Since relationships clearly result from attraction, at some level, between individuals, the concern must be with the nature of that attraction and, for some types of attraction, how it is expressed.

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