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This variation is going past others that principally go away readers to their very own units in figuring out this cryptic paintings, by way of delivering an entree into the textual content that parallels the conventional chinese language approach of forthcoming it: along Slingerland's beautiful rendering of the paintings are his translations of a range of vintage chinese language commentaries that make clear tricky passages, supply old and cultural context, and invite the reader to contemplate a number of interpretations. the suitable pupil version, this quantity additionally contains a basic advent, notes, a number of appendices -- together with a word list of technical phrases, references to trendy Western scholarship that time the way in which for additional learn, and an annotated bibliography.

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Cf. 18. ”3 Here the virtues of dutifulness and trustworthiness are presented as native talents that are the prerequisites for moral education. 9 The Master said, “As for the rites of the Xia Dynasty, I can speak of them, but there is little remaining in the state of Qii to document them. As for the rites of the Shang Dynasty, I can speak of them, but there is little remaining in the state of Song to document them. This is because there is not much in the way of culture or moral worthies left in either state.

17 The Master said, “Zilu, remark well what I am about to teach you! 18 below, is found in the Xunzi. Zilu appears to Confucius dressed in what the Master deems to be a pretentious manner, and is therefore scolded. After hurrying out to change into more humble clothing, Zilu reappears and is lectured to by the Master: “Remark well what I am about to tell you. One who is not careful about9 his words becomes pompous, and one who is not careful about his behavior becomes a show-off. One who puts on the appearance of knowledge and ability is a petty person.

8). 8). 21). Commentators generally explain the second half as having to do with the ability to morally judge others (cf. 3). 30. 2: political order is not obtained by means of force or government regulations, but rather by the noncoercive influence of the morally perfected person. 4), and we also find an extended discussion of the “root” virtue of filial piety that emphasizes the importance of having the proper internal dispositions. ” The point of this passage is that the spontaneous harmony brought about by Heaven in the natural world is to be a model for the human ruler, who—in a wu-wei fashion— will bring the world to order silently, inevitably, and unselfconsciously through the power of his perfected moral Virtue.

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