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By R.A. Salvatore

A lot to the seething dismay of his very long time mistress, King Danube has requested Jilseponie Wyndon to develop into his queen. yet she is torn. How can she love any guy as thoroughly as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the daddy of the kid she misplaced? yet unknown to Jilseponie, that kid by no means died. Aydrian used to be stolen away via the queen of the elves. A headstrong boy secretly raised to be a weapon, Aydrian indicates nice promise within the arts of combat–and he's as strong with the gemstone magic as his mom. Now De’Unnero, the weretiger and mortal enemy of Jilseponie, will subscribe to forces with Aydrian, who's hungry for power–and on a collision direction with future. . . .

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Viscenti looked up and scratched his chin. “I do believe that it is, yes, father,” he answered. Jilseponie knew when she was being teased, and, given that, she understood then to what sail Braumin was referring. She wouldn’t make it easy for him, though. “I see many sails—or at least, masts,” she answered. ” “Indeed,” said Braumin. ” Viscenti chimed in, dramatically slapping his skinny forearm across his brow. Jilseponie’s lips grew very tight, but in truth, it was a façade for her companions’ benefit, for she didn’t mind the needling.

And she knew. Jilseponie had lost her parents, and then her adoptive parents. She had lost her Elbryan, her dear, beloved husband. She had lost her child, torn from her womb, she believed, by the demon-inspired Dalebert Markwart. But now she had come to understand what those sacrifices had gained: the betterment of the world and of her little corner of the world. And now she knew the truth of God, of spirituality, of living beyond this mortal coil. From that truth came a serenity and a comfort that Jilseponie had not known since her innocent days as a child running in the fields and pine valleys of Dundalis in the wild Timberlands, her days before she had come to know such pain and death.

He had never seen her at work with the bow, but from what he had heard—or overheard, for he had listened in on many of Dasslerond’s conversations with Juraviel concerning the young woman—Brynn was spectacular. It seemed to Aydrian, then, as if all the forest suddenly went quiet; not a night bird calling or a cricket chirping, not a whisper of the seemingly ever-present elf song. Even the many torches seemed supernaturally quiet and still, a moment of the purest tension. Only then did young Aydrian appreciate the gravity of the night and the weight of his intrusion.

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