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By Alfred Auslender, Marc Teboulle

This booklet offers a scientific and entire account of asymptotic units and capabilities from which a huge and worthy thought emerges within the parts of optimization and variational inequalities. various motivations leads mathematicians to review questions on attainment of the infimum in a minimization challenge and its balance, duality and minmax theorems, convexification of units and features, and maximal monotone maps. for every there's the primary challenge of dealing with unbounded occasions. Such difficulties come up in conception but in addition in the improvement of numerical methods.
The booklet makes a speciality of the notions of asymptotic cones and linked asymptotic features that supply a typical and unifying framework for the answer of those forms of difficulties. those notions were used mostly and ordinarily in convex research, but those thoughts play a well known and autonomous function in either convex and nonconvex research. This booklet covers convex and nonconvex difficulties, providing specific research and methods that transcend conventional approaches.
The booklet will function an invaluable reference and self-contained textual content for researchers and graduate scholars within the fields of recent optimization conception and nonlinear research.

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2 Let Φ : Rn ×Rm → R∪{+∞} and let S be a set-valued map S : Rn ⇒ Rm . Define the function ϕ(x) = inf{Φ(x, u) |u ∈ S(x)}. If S is lsc at x ¯ and Φ is usc on {¯ x} × S(¯ x), then the function ϕ is usc at x ¯. 3 A set-valued map S : Rn ⇒ Rm is closed at x ¯ if for any sequence {xk } ∈ Rn and any sequence {yk } ∈ Rm one has ¯, yk → y¯, yk ∈ S(xk ) =⇒ y¯ ∈ S(¯ x). xk → x From this definition one can verify the following useful equivalence: ¯ if ∀¯ y ∈ S(¯ x) there exist two neighborhoods S : Rn ⇒ Rn is closed at x U (¯ x), V (¯ y ) such that x ∈ U (¯ x) =⇒ S(x) ∩ V (¯ y ) = ∅.

Now let {λk } ⊂ R++ be a positive sequence converging to 0. Then λk x → 0, and under our assumption f∞ (0) = 0, the lower semicontinuity of f∞ , and property (a), we obtain 0 = f∞ (0) ≤ lim inf f∞ (λk x) = lim inf λk f∞ (x) = −∞, k→∞ k→∞ ✷ leading to a contradiction. We can now give a fundamental analytic representation of the asymptotic function f∞ .

Then ∂f is upper semicontinuous and locally bounded at every point x ∈ int(dom f ). Moreover, if f is assumed lsc, then ∂f is closed. We end this section by recalling some useful and basic operations preserving lower/upper semicontinuity of set-valued maps. 4 Let {Si |i ∈ I} be a family of set-valued maps defined in a finite-dimensional vector space with appropriate dimensions. Then the following properties hold: (a) The composition map S1 ◦ S2 of lsc (usc) maps Si , i = 1, 2 is lsc (usc). (b) The union of lsc maps ∪i∈I Si is an lsc map.

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