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Aftercare consists of routine postcastration management. Cryptorchidism may be classified into two main types: a testicle and epididymis retained between the internal inguinal ring and the scrotum ('high flanker'); b testicle and epididymis retained within the abdominal cavity (abdominal cryptorchid). In a partial abdominal cryptorchid, the epididymis descends into the inguinal canal with the testicle remaining in the abdominal cavity. Inguinal cryptorchidectomy is discussed here. Surgery. Surgery is performed with the patient under general anaesthesia and in dorso-lateral recumbency with the leg on the cryptorchid side uppermost and secured in flexion and abduction [209].

Systemic antibiotics are administered and dietary measures are routinely taken. Chapter 4 THE A B D O M E N / Castro-intestinal system 4-12 4-12 Jejunocaecostomy; end-to-side anastomosis Obstruction of the ileum in horses is caused by ileocaecal intussusception [169], involvement of the ileum in internal or external hernias, or ileal obstipation. Because the ileocaecal area is inaccessible, resection of the entire ileum and sparing the ileocaecal valve is impossible. A new junction between the distal jejunum and caecum must therefore be created, and is achieved by either end-to-side or side-to-side anastomosis.

If incarcerated viscera appear to be devitalized, the internal hernial sac is not separated from the hernial contents, but is removed together with the resected viscera at the time of enterectomy. The hernial ring is closed using horizontal mattress sutures, which perforate both abdominal wall and peritoneum [103,104]. When all sutures have been inserted, steady traction is applied on all sutures to close the hernial ring, whereafter the sutures are tied. Non-absorbable suture Umbilical hernias may occur in all domestic animals, especially pigs, cattle [101] and horses, and may be reducible or non-reducible.

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