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Incorporated during this e-book are new spinal chi kung warmups to quick energize any meditation. The reader also will the right way to mix sexual ardour with a loving middle contained in the physique to alleviate sexual-emotional frustration and accelerate religious growth.
Master Mantak Chia can also be the writer of wake up therapeutic power during the Tao (co-author Michael Winn), Taoist secrets and techniques of affection: Cultivating Male Sexual power, Taoist how one can rework pressure into power, Chi Self-Massage, Iron blouse Chi Kung I, therapeutic Love in the course of the Tao: Cultivating woman Sexual power (co-author Maneewan Chia), and Bone Marrow Nei Kung (co-author Maneewan Chia). grasp Mantak Chia is the author of the therapeutic Tao procedure and Director of the therapeutic Tao middle in big apple. considering that adolescence he has been learning the Taoist lifestyle in addition to different ways. Born in Thailand to chinese language mom and dad in 1944, he used to be first taught at age six via Buddhist priests the right way to sit down and "still the mind." whereas he was once in grammar university, he first realized conventional Thai boxing, and used to be then taught Tai Chi Chuan through grasp Lu. whilst he used to be a pupil in Hong Kong, he started his reports of the Taoist lifestyle with grasp Yi Eng, who licensed him to educate and heal. He later studied Taoist Yoga and the Buddhist Palm with grasp Meugi in Singapore, and studied the Shao-Lin approach to inner strength with grasp Cheng Yao-Lun, who mixed Taoist, Buddhist, and Zen teachings in his procedure of Thai boxing and Kung Fu. to appreciate the mechanisms at the back of therapeutic strength higher, grasp Chia studied Western clinical technology and anatmoy for 2 years. After education a community of lecturers within the therapeutic Tao process, he demonstrated the usual therapeutic heart in Thailand, earlier than relocating to ny to open the therapeutic Tao middle in 1979. Maneewan Chia was once born and raised in Hong Kong, relocating along with her mom and dad to Thailand the place she bought a B.S. measure in scientific know-how. considering the fact that early life, she has been very attracted to foodstuff and chinese language overall healthiness meals cooking. She assists Mantak Chia in educating periods, together with Taoist 5 aspect meals, and handling the therapeutic Tao middle.

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Fig. 4 Body Electric - 53 - Chapter II Chi and Self-Healing From the Taoist perspective, health and healing depend on the quantity and quality of Chi in the body. Acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine and many other healing arts work directly to balance internal energy. Chi is a causal factor in a wide range of bodily phenomena. For example, a deficiency of Chi in the kidneys may result in a physical and psychological illness characterized by nervousness, sexual inhibition, or impotence. ) Exercise fortifies the muscles with the body’s energy, enhancing our ability to consume more Chi.

Although the ancient Taoists could feel this relationship internally, they had no means of providing any tangible evidence. By meditating and practicing internal exercises, the masters developed their inner senses so they could learn more about the inner universe. They eventually discovered the Microcosmic Orbit, the pathway through which the distilled essence of internal energy runs up the spine and down the front of the body (Fig. 2). They perceived that this circuit connects out physical, energy, and spiritual bodies, and that it can ultimately be used to fuse these into one immortal body.

Another path draws the Earth Force up the spine and into the brain. In this way humans have the ability to channel the essences of the Universal and Earth Forces to balance and strengthen body, mind, and spirit (Fig. 1. 10). Pushing the tongue up against the palate connects the two - 42 - An Overview of Taoist Inner Alchemy channels of the Microcosmic Orbit and activates the forces in the saliva, which becomes sweeter and refreshed with energy. ) The erect posture of humans directly channels the Universal Force down through the head The posture of most animals channels the Universal and Earth Forces through the tail and body before it can read the head.

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