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By Philip Athans

Bhaal is dead!But his disciples are looking to convey him again. The blood of the god of homicide runs via his kids, and undesirable blood draws undesirable people.Shadow thieves, vampires, ninjas, and rockworms run rampant at the Sword Coast within the action-packed novelization of the Baldur's Gate II machine video game from BioWare and interaction.

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Why? ***** "I was hoping you would know," Abdel answered. Jaheira almost laughed and looked away. " Imoen said, holding her own shaking arms close to her quivering body. "I don't even want to know what's going on here anymore," Abdel admitted. “I don't want to know what he was supposed to gain from doing whatever he did to us. If we find him, I'll kill him myself. If we don't, that's fine with me as long as we get out of this madhouse and back to Baldur's Gate. " Abdel scowled but didn't say anything.

Take his head off, Abdel," she cheered. She always had so much confidence in him. The coordinator laughed again and said, "Oh, yes, by all means, Abdel. " Abdel brought his sword up, took stock of the unarmed man, and feinted once to make it seem as if he was going to oblige both the coordinator and Imoen. The coordinator barely flinched. Anyone—even a trained fighter—would have reacted to the feint in some way. It was the whole reason Abdel even tried it in the first place. The coordinator's reaction to the fake attack would tell Abdel how he'd react to a real one, and tactics could be devised accordingly.

It was easy enough work—who would steal wine between Roaringshore and Kheldriwer. Well, the caravan master had failed to mention a certain group of priests of Selune from whose temple the wine had been stolen. The priests descended on the caravan on a high pass across the Troll Hills. One of the spells they'd used that day seemed familiar to Abdel now. A globe of darkness had descended over the wagon. That day, Abdel had managed to stumble out of the globe of darkness, which ended—luckily for Abdel— a few inches from the edge of a steep cliff.

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