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By Kevin Fox, Thomas Woolsey

The barrel cortex comprises the somatosensory illustration of the whiskers at the face of the rodent and varieties an early level of cortical processing for tactile details. it really is a space of significant value for figuring out how the cerebral cortex works as the cortical columns that shape the elemental development blocks of the cerebral cortex might be visible in the barrel cortex. during this complex graduate and examine point textual content, Kevin Fox explores 3 major elements of the barrel cortex: improvement, sensory processing and plasticity. preliminary chapters introduce the subject, describing these animals that experience barrels, the useful anatomy of the process and the mobile and synaptic body structure of the cortical microcircuit. The ebook concludes with a bankruptcy protecting the varied fields the place the barrel cortex is used as a version process for fixing difficulties in different parts of analysis, together with stroke, angiogenesis and knowing energetic contact.

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In practice, this can only really be done during early development because the connections from the thalamic and intracortical connections will not otherwise form properly. Where cells have been transplanted or inputs rerouted to different cortical areas, a good deal of function has been replicated by the transplanted cells, as discussed in Chapter 4. Therefore, one rationale for studying barrel cortex is that the barrels identify the location of cortical columns and cortical columns are an important fundamental element of cortical structure.

The reticular nucleus also serves as a means of communication between thalamic nuclei. The VPm does not send excitatory connections to the other somatosensory thalamic nuclei such as POm (see below). , 1998). 8). , 1988). Traces of individual axons from POm show that they spread far more laterally within barrel cortex than the clustered connections from VPm that form the centers of the barrels. 8C), whereas the VPm projection is concentrated on layer IV with collaterals to Vb/upper VI. The projection from POm is particularly dense in layer V whereas the VPm projection is particularly dense in layer IV.

This utilizes uncaging of caged glutamate in a systematic pattern in slices of barrel cortex while recording from an individual neuron. The cell can be labeled with intracellular dye and characterized electrophysiologically in addition to obtaining a good survey of its intracortical inputs using this method. In this section, a detailed description of intracortical connections is given with an emphasis on axonal trajectories of individual cell types and layers. Cortical circuitry is discussed further in Chapter 3 from the standpoint of function.

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