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By Louise Rebraca Shives

This can be a center textbook for the LPN and ADN psychiatric-mental health and wellbeing direction. This textbook provides succinct, but entire assurance of themes for the fast or built-in psychiatric-mental future health path. The 8th version has been up-to-date for forex and keeps key positive aspects which have been well-received in past versions, particularly self-awareness activates, medical examples, and habitual packing containers.

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Box 2-4 provides examples of research on biologic aspects of mental illness during the period known as the Decade of the Brain (1990–2000). 4 Events Influencing Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing The following is a chronologic listing of some important events influencing psychiatric nursing: 1856–1929 Emil Kraepelin differentiated manic-depressive psychosis from schizophrenia and stated that schizophrenia was incurable. 1856–1939 Sigmund Freud introduced psychoanalytic theory and therapy. He explained human behavior in psychological terms and proved that behavior can be changed in certain situations.

Indd 14 sunshine, and pure water were thought to promote healing for the mentally ill. Middle Ages to 1773 During the Middle Ages, humane treatment of mentally ill people suffered a setback as mentally ill individuals were excluded from society and confined in asylums or institutions. Various theories pertaining to demonic possession also were advanced. Specifically, persons who displayed abnormal behavior were considered lunatics, witches, or demons possessed by evil spirits. Superstition, mysticism, magic, and witchcraft prevailed as patients were locked in asylums, flogged, starved, tortured, or subjected to bloodletting.

Table 2-5 lists such positions and gives examples of how psychiatric–mental health nursing experience can be an asset to him or her. 7 Certification Organizations Examples of certification organizations include but are not limited to the following: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners: www. org American Nurses Credentialing Center: www. 5 Use of Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing Skills in Career Opportunities Career Opportunities Use of Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing Skills Obstetric nursing Helping the mother in labor and support person cope with anxiety or stress during labor and delivery Providing support to bereaved parents in the event of fetal demise, inevitable abortion, or the birth of an infant with congenital anomalies Providing support to a mother considering whether to keep her child or give the child up for adoption Forensic nursing Providing services to incarcerated clients Acting as a consultant to medical and legal agencies Serving as an expert witness in court Providing support for victims of violent crime Oncologic nursing Helping cancer patients or other terminally ill individuals on oncology units work through the grieving process Providing support groups for families of terminally ill patients Industrial (occupational health) nursing Implementing or participating in industrial substance abuse programs for employees and their families Providing crisis intervention during an industrial accident or the acute onset of a physical or mental illness (eg, heart attack or anxiety attack) Teaching stress management Public health nursing Assessing the person both physically and psychologically (eg, the newly diagnosed diabetic client may develop a low self-concept, or the recovering stroke client may exhibit symptoms of depression due to a slow recovery) Office nursing Assisting the client by explaining somatic or emotional concerns during the assessment process Providing support with the problem-solving process when people call the office and the physician is unavailable Acting as a community resource person Emergency room nursing Providing crisis intervention as the need arises (eg, during natural disasters, accidents, or unexpected illnesses causing increased anxiety, stress, or immobilization) service during all of the nurse’s encounters with members of the managed care plan.

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