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By Barry Tharaud

This translation of the ninth-century epic poem, thought of the 1st nice paintings of English literature, used to be initially meant for nonnative audio system of English with the goal of decreasing problems found in the outdated English type.

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Composed towards the tip of the 1st millennium, Beowulf is the vintage Northern epic of a hero's triumphs as a tender warrior and his fated loss of life as a defender of his humans. The poem is ready encountering the mammoth, defeating it, after which having to survive, bodily and psychically uncovered within the exhausted aftermath.

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It is appropriate, therefore, that the wealth of the dragon's hoard is not distributed at the end of the epic: First, because Beowulf the ring-giver is dead: and secondly, because all but one of his thanes deserted him in his time of need, and therefore the treasure cannot symbolize the excellence of these men: They have failed to fulfill their vows and obligations to their lord, and therefore the spoils of battle from the dragon's hoard are symbolically meaningless. We can see, then, that the heroic society depicted in Beowulf, and in Anglo-Saxon poetry generally, is based upon a system of ideals that includes courage, strength, and loyalty, which are then symbolically expressed through material objects (battle spoils).

Therefore, although you have prevailed before in the storm of battle, I expect you will see the worst of a grim battle if you dare wait for Grendel all night long. Page 15 Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, gave answer: Well, my friend Unferth, in your drunkenness you have much to say about Breca and his adventures. The truth is that I had more strength on the sea and endured more hardship on the waves than any other man. In our green youth Breca and I boasted and agreed to risk our lives on the salt sea, and accordingly we did so.

Thus they crossed the sea and their journey was at an end. As the Geatish warriors in their battle dress Page 8 quickly disembarked and moored the ship, their mail shirts rattled. They thanked God that their passage over the waves had been easy. Meanwhile, on the ramparts the Scylding sentinel who watched over the sea-cliffs saw bright battle shields and armor borne over the gangway, and he marveled at these men and wondered who they were. This thane of Hrothgar rode his horse to the shore and, brandishing a great spear in his hand, formally questioned the warriors: Who are you that come with arms and dressed for battle from over the sea in your towering ship?

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