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By T. S. Church

Within the country of Asgarnia, notwithstanding the Knights of Falador guard the land a defend the folk, they face threats that clamor from all sides-and from inside of. Enemies mass at borders, and a killer stalks the evening killing innocents and slipping away unseen.

When a tender lady looks within the the teeth of the hurricane, her unexpected arrival launches a sequence of occasions that endangers the very cloth of magic. And until the knights can remedy the riddle of Kara-Meir, every thing they draw close will be lost.

Their one desire could lie within the palms, now not of a knight, yet of an untested squire named Theodore...

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Connected to a pull-rope similar to the net, a jermlaine need only yank on the rope to send the two logs crashing end-first into the battle. The logs are embedded with metal spikes around their perimeters and on both ends. PCs struck by the end of a log suffer l d 8 points of damage from the force of the log and an additional l d 4 points from the spikes. Characters who miss their Dexterity checks take damage as described above. If a character rolls his Dexterity check successfully, that character suffers l d 6 grazing damage from the spikes on the logs slashing past him.

The jermlaine will have taken all possessions, leaving, at most, a few skimpy articles of clothing. The jermlaines’ bonds will be difficult to break despite the small ropes (%”) used by these small folk. If the PCs free themselves, they m, AI do AI nc hc ca Id frc ropes in 6 rounds. If the DM feels that his players need a helping hand, he is free to improvise other methods of allowing PCs to free themselves. On to Bigger Things 21: Otyughs: This large, empty cave is “home” to the otyughs. It is free of organic debris (the otyughs have eaten it all),but a few objects of non-digestible material such as daggers, spikes, and armor fragments lie about.

Across the top of the dresser are a dozen bottles of perfumes and aromatic oils. The contents have gone rancid or evaporated, but the bottles are intact and six of them are fine crystal (worth about 100 gp each). The others are ordinary glass, perfectly functional, and worth only 5 gp altogether. Also on the dresser are an assortment of combs, brushes, hand mirrors, cosmetics, and hair pins. These are of a variety of materials ranging from fine silver to tortoise shell and wood. Only one set (mirror, comb, and brush) is in saleable condition, and might bring about 75 gP.

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