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By Michael C. Thomsett

The nice housing growth that has fueled top rate costs and ' goals should be slowing down, yet regardless of dire predictions, the marketplace isn't more likely to implode spontaneously. With right making plans and a bit wisdom, householders, traders, and different stakeholders can steer clear of catastrophe and actually revenue on their houses - despite what the industry does.

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Prices in real estate are as chaotic in the short term as in other markets. The trick is to determine whether those prices are persistent over time. * * * Real estate principles explain how value should be set. But valuation and market value are by no means identical. Valuation is an estimate of what a property’s sales price should be based on an application of the ten principles of valuation. Market value is the number a seller can get from a buyer. So in a real estate bubble, the market value of property may rise in complete contradiction to these principles.

The financing market is expressed in most cases in terms of average mortgage interest rates. When rates fell between 2001 and 2005 to historically low levels, the population of people who could qualify for first-time mortgages expanded rapidly. This placed new real demand for housing on the market, and created a bubble. But when interest rates begin to rise, variable-rate mortgage payments rise as well, which slows down the bubble and increases the rate of housing defaults. The potential problems homeowners face with rising interest rates should not be ignored.

Large brokerage firms like Merrill Lynch were named in multiple lawsuits and paid fines to regulators for wrongdoing. The Regional Character of Real Estate 35 Since that period of time, New York’s economy—including Wall Street—has returned to pre-2001 levels. So even with economic cycles in play, New York’s market is complex and multifaceted. While many New Yorkers are convinced that they are in the middle of a real estate bubble, few are experiencing speculatordriven excesses like those in the Miami area.

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