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By Michael P. Spradlin

The Western Territories, 1880. For 4 years Civil struggle veteran and previous U.S. Cavalry Captai Jonas P. Hollister has been rotting in a jail phone at castle Leavenworth, Kansas. His crime: mendacity in regards to the lack of 11 infantrymen lower than his command . . . who he claims have been slaughtered through a ban of nonhuman, blood-drinking demons

But now a well-known customer, the detective Allan Pinkerton, has arrived with an order for Hollister's liberate. The brutal homicide of a gaggle of Colorado miners in a manner frighteningly just like the deaths of Hollister's males has leant new credence to his wild story. And abruptly Jonas Hollister reveals himself on a quest either harmful and dark--joining forces with Pinkerton, the gunsmith Oliver Winchester, an ex-fellow prisoner, a lady of puzzle, and a foreigner named Abraham Van Helsing, who is aware many stuff concerning the monsters of the night--and using hell for leather-based towards an epic war of words . . . with the undead

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Although they gain no spells from this class, desert hermits typically have high Wisdom scores as a result of previous class choices. Abbreviation: Her Hit Die: d10 Requirements Alignment: Any non-evil (-4 or higher Piety) Base Attack Bonus: +7 Skills: Handle Animal (5 ranks), Wilderness Lore (7 ranks) Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude, Skill Focus (Wilderness Lore) Spellcasting: Must be able to cast 1st-level ranger spells (or druid spells if used). Desert Sense At 3rd level, a hermit can sense movement in the desert.

It requires an hour to craft a person’s horoscope. The astrologer may craft a horoscope (as above) for a single person per day between 1st and 3rd levels, two people per day between 4th and 6th level, three people per day at 7th level, and four people per day at 10th level. Improved Divination Alignment: Any good (+5 or higher Piety) Skills: Knowledge (astrology) (6 ranks), Knowledge (religion) (6 ranks), Knowledge (agriculture) (3 ranks), Scry (6 ranks) Feats: Skill Focus (scry) Spellcasting: Ability to cast 3rd-level arcane or divine spells Special: To become a royal astrologer, the character must be appointed royal astrologer in a noble’s court.

The magus can calculate the location of a celestial phenomena that will allow him to either receive 4+Int bonus extra skill points, or learn a bonus metamagic feat (magus’ choice), and when it may be viewed to gain the lore. If he travels to that spot (2d20 x caster level miles from the magus’ home base) at the proper time (1d20 x caster level days from the time he determines the event), he gains the knowledge of a spell, which is added to his repertoire. The base Knowledge (astrology) check DC is 30.

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