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By Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon

Looking to make their fortunes in human society, the elves of the underworld contain themselves in inventory motor vehicle racing, baby pornography, and worse, and 3 runaway childrens locate themselves in a heap of hassle. Reissue.

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Yeah, I see. " Tannim chuckled and leaned against the roof. "The runes? They're from the back of Led Zeppelin Four. ' " Ross laughed, and pulled his arm free of the door. He shoved his other hand in his pockets, and dragged on his ever-present cigarette. The smoke wisped away, disappearing as blue this time. "That's another advantage, you can see things living people can't, like that warning. It's for spirits only. Your vision should be changing soon, now that you've realized . . ah, what you are now.

He turned back, and she was already gone. And so was her car. Only then did his mind click back into gear, as he sprinted to stood where the car had been. There was the imprint of four tires in the grass—but no track-marks leading up to them. There was no sign that the car had actually been driven through the grass to reach that spot, and there had been no sound of a motor. She was haunting him still, it would seem. . Other Books in this series The SERRAted Edge Born to Run Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon Wheels of Fire Mercedes Lackey & Mark Shepherd When the Bough Breaks Mercedes Lackey & Holly Lisle Chrome Circle Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon Urban Fantasies Knight of Ghosts and Shadows Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon Summoned to Tourney Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon Bedlam Boyz Ellen Guon ALSO BY MERCEDES LACKEY FROM BAEN BOOKS Bardic Voices: The Lark & the Wren Bardic Voices: The Robin & the Kestrel Bardic Choices: A Cast of Corbies (with Josepha Sherman) Fortress of Frost & Fire: A Bard's Tale Novel (with Ru Emerson) Prison of Souls: A Bard's Tale Novel (with Mark Shepherd) The Ship Who Searched (with Anne McCaffrey) Wing Commander: Freedom Flight (with Ellen Guon) If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (with Piers Anthony) CHAPTER ONE A dark red Mustang perched beside the ribbon of highway, alone but for the young man resting against its door.

There was definitely something odd about this place. There was a facade—and it was in here, not out in the offices. Finally, as a little group of people emerged from behind one of the cars and its attendant machines, Tannim spotted whoever it was he was looking for among them. He waved his hand in the air, and called out to them. " he shouted, his voice somehow carrying over the din. "Kevin! " A tall, very blond man turned around in response to that shout, green eyes searching over the mass of machines and people.

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