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But if in day-today life you lead a good life, honestly with love, with compassion, with less selfishness then automatically it will lead to Nirvana. Opposite to this, if we talk about Nirvana, talk about philosophy but do not much bother about day-to-day practice, then you may reach a strange Nirvana but will not reach the correct Nirvana because your daily practice is nothing. ’ There is a saying that the beginning and the end of a journey are essentially the same. This is especially true of meditation.

Therefore you need to purposefully set yourself up to do it; good intention is not enough. There has to be commitment. So consider your priorities: what is more important, hours sitting in front of the TV screen or half an hour or so of sitting meditation? The regular daily home sit is the anchor for the practice. Even if it is only used as a form of mental hygiene, as in ‘unstressing’, daily practice will greatly contribute towards harmonizing your family and work relationships. It is important to maintain the daily meditation sits at home as a way of sustaining and stabilizing your practice.

This is especially true of meditation. For there is nowhere you need to go to discover your true nature other than where you can be now, meditating at your home-base. This Moment! We can be grateful to the Buddha for these teachings, but it is by actually implementing the teaching by eating the admired fruit, that you receive the benefits. While it is not easy, yet it is not complicated and there is nothing much else you need to know in order to put into practise the basic instructions you have just read.

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