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Enterprise cycle conception has been one of many quickest turning out to be fields in sleek nonlinear monetary dynamics. The e-book is established round versions of multiplier-accelerator sort, rising from Samuelson's seminal paintings, later constructed into nonlinear codecs by way of Hicks and Goodwin. those types left open ends, because the instruments then on hand didn't let extra systematic research. the current state of affairs is diversified, as a result emergence of recent tools additionally focusing international research. the focal point on classical, causal or recursive types implies a deviation from present major flow enterprise cycle concept, in keeping with ''rational expectations'', which in view of the potential of mathematical chaos turns into untenable.

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We can state the following Proposition 1. Let a = 1^ c = Cp given in (4). Then in the phase space of the map F there exists an invariant region Q, bounded by an invariant ellipse £ of the map Fi tangent to LC-i. Any initial point (xo,2/o) € Q belongs to a quasiperiodic orbit dense in the corresponding invariant ellipse ofFi. 4, d = 10. (Indeed, because of numerical precision, we cannot show a true quasiperiodic case, but only its approximation by a periodic case of some high period). , the region Q defined above) and is invariant, when the map Fi is defined by a rotation matrix with a rational rotation number, but in such a case Q is not the largest invariant area.

When the involved saddle is a fixed point, the saddle connection can be due to the merging of one branch of the stable set and one of the unstable set, as in Fig. 10a: We shall call such a situation homoclinic loop. Otherwise, if both the branches of the stable and unstable sets are involved in the saddle connection we obtain an eight-shaped structure that we shall call double homoclinic loop (see Fig. 10b). Homoclinic loops and double homoclinic loops can also involve a saddle cycle of period k, being related to the map T^, but in this case we can also obtain an heteroclinic loop: Indeed, the map T^ exhibits k saddles points and a branch of the stable set of a saddle may merge with a branch of another periodic point of the saddle cycle.

72) is a nonempty set included in Z2. This means that two points p G C/i and q G U2, located at opposite sides with respect to I/C_i, are mapped in the same side with respect to LC, in the region Z2, This can be equivalently expressed by stressing the "unfolding" action of T~^, obtained by the application of the two distinct inverses in Z2 which merge along LC. Indeed, if we consider a region V C Z2, then the set of its rank-1 preimages T^^{V) and T^^{V) is made up of two regions T^^{V) G Ri and T^^{V) G R2, that are disjoint if y fi LC = 0 whereas they merge along L C _ i i f V n L C 7^0.

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