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By Mariano Giaquinta, Stefan Hildebrandt

This booklet via of the major researchers and writers within the box is the 1st a part of a treatise that covers the topic in breadth and intensity, paying designated awareness to the historic origins of the speculation. either separately and jointly those volumes have already develop into ordinary references.

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In the case of Alexander Fleming, his experiment with bacteria failed due to the mold growing on the cultures. However, he remained open and noticed that the mold not only killed his experiment but the bacteria as well. The anomaly of the mold killing the bacteria turned out to be far more important than the data he expected to get from the bacteria cultures themselves and Fleming acted accordingly. Sometimes a ruined experiment is that and nothing more. Sometimes the failure of an experiment turns up data far more valuable than the original experiment was designed to uncover.

Different strategies of ‘informational knowing’ among researchers is one factor we will discuss in later chapters where we consider the nature and location of information and how to access it. A pivotal aspect of McClintock’s discovery concerned the profound relationship she had with the plants. She was quoted as saying “I know every plant in the field. ”16 Part of getting to know her plants led McClintock to act in a type of partnership with the maize to solve specific problems. She would pose questions and watch for their responses as a tool to a very useful scientific end.

I never took courses in toxicology or microbiology, either, but both have been key parts of my later activities. So what did I become after my thesis was completed and my doctorate conferred? I woke up one morning to find myself immersed in the very antithesis of all my genetic training — the environment. When I grew up, the nature vs. nurture arguments were in full swing with little middle ground. No holistic view of how the two could fit together was considered, and epigenetics was a concept for the future.

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