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By György Spiró

A literary sensation in Hungary, György Spiró’s Captivity is either a hugely refined old novel and a gripping page-turner. Set within the tumultuous first century A.D., among the 12 months of Christ’s demise and the outbreak of the Jewish conflict, Captivity recounts the adventures of the feeble-bodied, bookish Uri, a tender Roman Jew.

Frustrated along with his hapless son, Uri’s father sends the younger guy to the Holy Land to regain the family’s status. In Jerusalem, Uri is imprisoned by means of Herod and meets thieves and (perhaps) Jesus earlier than their crucifixion. Later, in cosmopolitan Alexandria, he undergoes a scholarly and sexual awakening—but also needs to get away a pogrom. Returning to Rome eventually, he unearths a wholly unforeseen inheritance.

Equal elements Homeric epic, brilliantly researched Jewish background, and picaresque experience, Captivity is a dramatic story of relatives, destiny, and fortitude. In its weak-yet-valiant hero, enthusiasts should be reminded of Robert Graves’ classics of historic Rome, I, Claudius and Claudius the God.

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