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By Christine Ennew, Trevor Watkins, Mike Wright

Written to enrich "Marketing monetary prone" by means of a similar authors, this casebook provides particular sensible purposes for the foundations, options and strategies constructed in that textual content. Ten longer situations and ten brief instances disguise purposes in construction societies, banks, insurance firms, unit/investment trusts, property organisation and company monetary prone provisions

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O u r m e r c h a n t banking advisers have informed m e that the cost of acquiring a life company, for example, would range between £ 0 . 4 b n and £5bn. Ί η summary, whatever diversification strategy we adopt will be conditional u p o n the ability to raise external capital, either as a m u t u a l or as a P L C . We are at present restricted to subordinated debt capital which is limited to 50 per cent of reserves. It is critical, therefore, that in developing the 'mission 5 statement we consider: the intended rate of growth of assets, the rate of diversification and the cost of any intended acquisitions, in order to assess the likelihood of encountering a capital constraint.

Recent events have forced the society to reappraise this position. First it has b e c o m e clear that the development of electronic payments systems and E F T P O S technology is still far from complete. Second, the current account market has b e c o m e the centre of fierce competition after the launch of interest-bearing current accounts by Nationwide Anglia a n d Abbey National. T h e banks launched similar products in response, and the Halifax and the 42 The Case Studies Woolwich, formerly of the same opinion as the Allied, a n n o u n c e d their intention to follow suit.

In recognition of this, the society raised £ 1 0 0 m of subordinated debt capital in 1988. 78 per cent of assets. 2 per cent of total income between 1984 and 1987, and this compares very favourably with the industry average. 8 per cent. T h i s reflects our expenditure on new technology, b r a n c h refurbishment and diversification. I would expect these factors, together with inflation, to p u t further u p w a r d pressure on our m a n a g e m e n t expense ratio in future. 'In addition, the capital requirements of the Allied will inevitably increase to the extent that we continue to diversify into non-traditional areas which require a higher capital backing.

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