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By Terry Goodkind

At the day she aroused from sleep remembering not anything yet her identify, Kahlan Amnell turned the main risky lady alive. for everybody else, that used to be the day that the realm started to end. As her husband, Richard, desperately searches for his liked, whom in basic terms he recalls, he understands that if she does not quickly detect who she particularly is, she's going to unwittingly develop into the tool that may unharness annihilation. yet Kahlan learns that if she ever have been to unencumber the reality of her misplaced id, then evil itself could ultimately own her, physique and soul. If she is to outlive in a murky international of deception and betrayal, the place existence isn't just reasonable yet fleeting, Kahlan needs to discover why she is this kind of vital determine within the war-torn global swirling round her. What she uncovers are secrets and techniques darker than she may ever have imagined.

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Rain paltered against the window while in the distance a slow rumble of thunder rolled through the forested hills. Kahlan could hear the sign squeaking as it swung to and fro each time the wind gusted. Inside the house it had gone dead silent. Sister Ulicia looked over at the girl, now at the bottom of the steps, where she stood gripping the simple, square, wooden newel post. Sister Ulicia fixed the girl in a glare that only a sorceress in a vile mood could marshal. " The girl stood wide-eyed, too frightened to speak.

The window was large enough for her to get through. It was dark outside, and the dense forest lay tight up to the buildings. She had long legs. She was strong and quick. She knew that if she chose, she could, in a few heartbeats, be through the window and into the thick of the woods. But she had tried to escape the Sisters before. She knew that neither night nor woods would conceal her from women with such dark talents. Kneeling there in the dark, her arms holding the girl in a tight embrace, Kahlan began to tremble.

Sister Cecilia, her wet curls plastered to her scalp, looked like she was about to finish her complaint, but then decided instead to remain mute. Orlan seemed to recover his senses as he pulled away from his wife's embrace and began to stagger to his feet. Blood ran down his forehead and to either side of his broad nose. " The menace in her voice gave him pause for only a moment. He was clearly angry as he rose up to his full height, letting his bloody hand drop away from his head. His back straightened, his chest expanded, and his fists tightened.

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