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By Mercedes Lackey

Input the exciting 3rd quantity within the epic Collegium Chronicles. In Mercedes Lackey's vintage coming-of-age tale, the orphan Magpie pursues his quest for his parent's id with burning urgency-while additionally studying one other hidden expertise and being expert via the King's personal usher in as an secret agent for Valdemar. Shy Bardic Trainee Lena has to stand her well-known yet uncaring father, considered one of Valdemar's so much well known Bards. And therapeutic Trainee undergo needs to fight opposed to his disapproving mom and dad, who're pressuring undergo to give up the Healers' Collegium simply because he lacks the paranormal therapeutic Gift.Each of the 3 associates needs to face his or her demons and locate their precise energy as they search to develop into the entire Heralds, Bards, and Healers of Valdemar.

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OFF. A. Dedicated to the memories of Martin (Marty) Greenberg and Mark Shepherd. We’ll miss you. 1 Mags shaded his eyes and peered across the uneven ground of the Kirball field at the opposing team huddled up in front of their goal and forced himself to relax. There was no point in getting tense. This was only a game, after all. He had to keep reminding himself of that, even as nervous sweat trickled down the back of his neck, and inside his gloves his palms were moist.  . ::To most of whom you are just a red shape on a white horse.

Beneath him, his Companion, Dallen, was as steady as a statue, which made him feel steadier. It wasn’t nerves that bothered him so much as the ever-recurring dread that he would somehow let the team down. He wasn’t the only one who felt that way, though, so he was in good company. He knew this because he could sense it. He wasn’t just a Mindspeaker who could make himself heard by anyone whether they had the Gift or not; he had just a touch of Empathy too. Enough to be useful most of the time—enough to tell him that his teammates were fighting similar knots in their guts.

The tunic and collar and cuffs had very subtle embroidery at the hem—Lydia had told him it was called a featherstitch. Everyone would be wearing some form of “good” clothing tonight at dinner. Most of them, except for the Bardic Trainees, would not be wearing uniforms. This was not a Collegium dinner, this was a family affair, and now that the Trainees had spent a full week with their families seeing them only in uniform, it was time for them to dress and act as part of their families for a few hours.

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