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By Sammi Carter

Whilst poisoned bon-bons finish the lifetime of a city trouble-maker, sweet store proprietor Abby Shaw unearths herself trapped in an exceptionally sticky state of affairs.

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I shut the door and locked it again. “I hope you’re not here to ask for preferential treatment. ” Grinning at his own response, he nodded toward my cup. “Do you have any more of that? ” “Sure. ” I slipped behind the counter, poured a cup, and grabbed the sugar, creamer, and chocolate, just in case. When I caught a glimpse of the French toast, still soaking in the baking dish, my stomach rumbled. I hadn’t planned on offering the Hornes breakfast, but I wasn’t about to let all that glorious food go to waste.

Chapter 3 I fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow and slept hard until Max’s cold, wet nose planted firmly in the crook of my arm brought me back to the land of the living. I try to be sensitive to my dog’s needs, but I was still so tired I hurt and far from ready for another walk outside. Groaning softly, I pulled my arm away and snuggled deeper into the covers. “Ten more minutes,” I mumbled. ” Max whined softly and planted one hefty paw on my bed just as someone set up a ruckus outside my front door.

I pushed hair out of my eyes so I could see Karen better. ” “But how? Where? ” “The same way she always does. Tonight. ” O’Schuck’s is an upscale nightclub around the corner and down two blocks, so Savannah would have had no trouble getting there, but I was having a hard time putting everything together in my head. “Are you sure? ” Karen spotted half a loaf of chocolate tea bread on my kitchen counter and snagged it. She sat on the couch, curled her feet up under her, and tore off a piece. “Evie and I walked in and found them, all cozied up together and laughing—” She broke off with a shudder and crammed another bite into her mouth.

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