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By P. T. Wakode

A superbly illustrated monograph with 163 coloured photos, it truly is one of many only a few books to target the ENT sufferer in scientific tools. Foreward via Prof. John Carruth of the collage of Southampton, uk - "This textbook is designed for undergraduate scholars and also will be of significant worth to any health practitioner in any grade wishing to enhance his wisdom of medical tools in otolaryngology."

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There may be a polyp or granulation seen through perforation. Condition of ossicles seen, should be commented. There can be erosion of handle of malleus or destruction of incudo-stapedial (I-S) joint or other ossicles. Postero-superior retraction pouch with cholesteatoma: At times there is no perforation in the tympanic membrane. But postero-superior quadrant shows retraction pocket in which there is collection of whitish, foul smelling debri, which is difficult to remove. This may be 45 Examination of Ear a case of retraction pocket with cholesteatoma.

Blocking/wooly or FB Sensation in Ear This is usually a vague complaint and patient is unable to describe it properly. It may be a blocking sensation or wooly sensation or FB sensation in ear canal. It may be experienced in cases of secretory otitis media, ET block or in early phase of acute otitis media. Details of the complaint are noted down. Autophony and Hyperacusis Autophony: This is a very peculiar symptom in which the patient experiences his own voice, as if he is speaking in his ears. This can happen when there is abnormal patency of Eustachian tube or when there is fluid in middle ear.

If you examine the diseased ear first, it may be painful and may hurt the patient and he/she may loose confidence in you. Secondly it is possible that you may transfer the infection from diseased ear to normal ear. Hence, it is a good practice to examine the normal ear first. 2. While examining or cleaning the ear canal one should be very gentle lest patient can develop vasovagal attack due to stimulation of vagus nerve. 3. Examination of ear is never considered complete unless you perform posterior rhinoscopy.

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