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By J. Krishnamurti

In those talks, given in Europe and India, Krishnamurti is going into the significance of going into difficulties overtly, with out conclusions. "..because we method our difficulties partly, via these types of a number of varieties of conditioning, it kind of feels to me that we're thereby now not realizing them. i believe that the method of any challenge is of even more value than the matter itself, and that if lets method our many problems with none specific type of conditioning or prejudice, then maybe we'd come to a basic realizing of them."

An large compendium of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions within the united states, Europe, India, New Zealand, and South Africa from 1933 to 1967—the gathered Works were rigorously authenticated opposed to current transcripts and tapes. each one quantity incorporates a frontispiece picture of Krishnamurti , with query and topic indexes on the end.

The content material of every quantity isn't really constrained to the topic of the name, yet really deals a special view of Krishnamurti's amazing teachings in chosen years. The amassed Works bargains the reader the chance to discover the early writings and dialogues of their such a lot entire and real shape.

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Does any of this free the mind from conditioning? I wonder if we fully understand the implication of using the will to get rid of something, or to become something. What is will? Surely will is, in itself, a way of conditioning the mind, is it not? In the action of will, one dominant desire is imposing itself upon other desires, one wish is over-riding other motives and urges. This process obviously creates inward opposition, and hence there is ever conflict. So will cannot help us to free the mind.

Is the mind really aware of its emptiness?

Only the mind that is free and this is an extraordinarily complex and difficult problem - can find out if there is reality, if there is God, not the mind that believes in God. Now, why do we cling to the dogmas, beliefs and rituals which religions introduce? When we understand that, then they will drop away like leaves in the autumn, without any effort. Why do you belong to any particular religious organization? We must obviously have organizations to deliver letters, milk, and so on; but why does the mind cling to dogmas?

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