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By J Krishnamurti

In those Talks, given in Europe, Ojai and India, Krishnamurti addresses the necessity to method our existence difficulties in a fashion doesn't perpetuate fragmentation. "Though we've many difficulties, and every challenge turns out to provide such a lot of different difficulties, probably we will give some thought to jointly even if the wisest factor to do is, to not search the answer of any challenge in any respect. it sort of feels to me that our minds are incapable of facing lifestyles as an entire; we deal, it sounds as if, with all difficulties fragmentarily, individually, no longer with an built-in outlook. maybe first thing, if we've got difficulties, isn't really to hunt an instantaneous answer for them, yet to have the endurance to inquire deeply into them, and detect even if those difficulties can ever be solved through the workout of will. what's vital, i believe, is to determine, not
how to resolve the matter, yet tips to process it."

An broad compendium of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions within the united states, Europe, India, New Zealand, and South Africa from 1933 to 1967—the gathered Works were conscientiously authenticated opposed to latest transcripts and tapes. each one quantity incorporates a frontispiece photo of Krishnamurti , with query and topic indexes on the end.

The content material of every quantity isn't really constrained to the topic of the identify, yet really bargains a different view of Krishnamurti's notable teachings in chosen years. The accumulated Works bargains the reader the chance to discover the early writings and dialogues of their so much entire and real shape.

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Is there a state of being without this constant becoming? The becoming is the struggle, the conflict; and that is our life. Is it not important for each one of us to find out whether there is a state in which this process of constant strife, constant conflict within ourselves, the contradictions, the opposing desires, the frustrations, the misery, can come to an end? - but not through some form of an invention or an image of the mind. That is why it is so important to have self-knowledge, - not the knowledge that one learns from books, from the hearsay of another, or from listening to a few talks, but to be constantly aware, just to observe, without choice, what is actually going on within the mind, observing all the reactions, to be alert in our relationships, so that all the ways of our search, of our motives, of our fears, of our frustrations, are revealed.

Let us go into the problem, if you will, seriously; because it is an enormous problem. To understand the whole implications of the question, one must approach it very carefully, wisely. You cannot approach it wisely if you have any belief about it, if you say, because you have read about it or you have a hope or intuition or a longing for it, - that there is life after death. Surely, if you would understand the problem, you must approach it afresh, anew, in a state of mind which is inquiring and not believing, a state of mind which says "I do not know, but I want to find out", - not a mind which says there is, or there is not, a continuity after death.

Most of us. I feel, are very superficial, we just remain struggling on the surface, not being able to go beyond the mere superficial responses of pleasure and pain. If we are able to go beyond the surface, then we may be able to find out for ourselves that our very search may be a hindrance. What is it that we are seeking? Most of us are unhappy, or we are frustrated, or some desire is urging us to move forwards. For most of us I think the search is based on some kind of frustration, some kind of misery.

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