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''Preface Preface v vi Computational Neuroscience Simulated Demyelinating Neuropathies and Neuronopathies (PISD) are specifi c symptoms for CIDP and its subtypes; (3) the critical focal demyelinations, every one of them internodal and paranodal, paranodalinternodal (IFD and PFD, PIFD), are specifi c symptoms for got demyelinating neuropathies equivalent to GBS and MMN; (4) the simulated steadily higher levels of Read more...

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The constant parameter values RTCC1, Raqr1, Raql1, Rmy1, Cmy1, which define one lamella at a given point along the myelin sheath, represent one turn of the spirals. , the basement lamina with the axon surface. For “case 2”, the conducting aqueous layer (Raqr) in parallel with the distributed direct lipid layer (Rmy) provides a current path separate from Rpn and connects the paranodal periaxonal space with the basement lamina. The multi-layered model (Fig. 1) is equivalent to the double cable model (Fig.

A 96% reduction value is the first degree of the focally demyelinated subtypes for achieving the conduction block in a single internode. Such demyelinations are regarded as severe. Table 1. Membrane parameter values characteristic for human motor nerve fibres in the normal and demyelinated cases, when demyelinations are mild (70%) and severe (96%), respectively. N (number of myelin lamellae); Rmy (myelin resistance); Cmy (myelin capacitance); Rpn (paranodal seal resistance). 5 125 5 5 Simulated Demyelinating Neuropathies and Neuronopathies 35 Fig.

The progressively greater increase in focal loss of the myelin sheath blocks the invasion of potentials into the demyelinated zone (Fig. 5, second column). Thus, with the increase of the demyelination from IFD to PIFD, conduction failure occurs more rapidly. The uniformly reduced amplitudes, prolonged durations and slowed conduction velocities of the action potentials shown here are an expected result for the investigated mildly systematically demyelinated subtypes. The conduction slowing simulated in the ISD, PSD, and PISD subtypes is a characteristic feature described in demyelinating neuropathies such as CMT1A, CIDP and its subtypes (Cappelen-Smith et al.

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