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By Mark J. Christensen (Auth.)

Educational Press provides Mark J. Christensen's Computing for Calculus (in paperback), released in 1981

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Suppose that we need to compute a table of values for a function when the independent variable ranges over some interval. In particular, suppose that our function, FNA, is to be computed at Ν evenly spaced points over the interval [ΧΟ,ΧΙ]. Then we must break the interval into N-1 equal pieces. at XO the next value of X will be X0+(Xl-XO)/(N-1), and so on. Thus, starting The following program will produce a table for us. 50 DEF FNA(Χ)='your function' 100 PRINT "THIS PROGRAM WILL COMPUTE A TABLE OF FUNCTION" 110 PRINT "VALUES.

Another application of the IF statement is to safeguard our programs from attempting forbidden operations. For example, if we wanted to write a program for the solution of the quadratic formula we would need to test to see when B*B - 4*A*C, the discriminant of the quadratic is negative. " PRINT "ONE ROOT IS ="; D=SQR(D) PRINT (-B-D)/(2*A) PRINT PRINT "WHILE THE OTHER IS ="; PRINT (-B+D)/(2*A) GOTO 210 PRINT "THE DISCRIMINANT IS = 0. " D=SQR(-D) PRINT "ONE OF THE ROOTS IS ="; PRINT -B/(2*A);" + I*";D/(2*A) PRINT PRINT "WHILE THE OTHER IS ="; PRINT -B/(2*A);" - I*";D/(2*A) GOTO 210 PRINT "HEY!

For example, the driver, at line 110, calls the input routine. 13 THE GOSUB STATEMENT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN the computer his values for A, Β and C the user can elect to verify the values of A, Β and C. If the user does not elect to do this BASIC will hit the RETURN at line 1070 and go back to the main program, where it had been called. user does elect to verify then BASIC will begin the subroutine 1100. If the If the user Oks the values of A, Β and C by saying "YES" to the question at line 12 30 then BASIC will hit the RETURN at line 1260 and return to where this subroutine had been called; line 1060.

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