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By Dr. Mahboob Ul Hussain

Gap-junction proteins, connexins are very important mobile entities that control quite a few points of mobile body structure. The connexins represent huge family members of proteins. the current ebook presents easy evaluation approximately numerous points of connexin proteins. The booklet has attempted to the touch the basic points of connexin relations. This booklet might be invaluable to large viewers that comes with under-and post-graduate scholars, examine students, clinicians, and so forth. The reference part on the finish of the booklet should be invaluable when you search to grasp deeper information about this relatives of proteins.

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While most mRNAs initiate translation by the above-discussed mechanism, a growing number of mRNAs appear to follow different rules, wherein certain cis elements present in the mRNA were found, enough to recruit the translational machinery without the need of a cap structure, hence named as cap-independent translation. These cis-acting are termed as the internal ribosome entry site (IRES). Translation of connexins is usually mediated by a classical cap-dependent mechanism, where an initiation complex is assembled at the 5′ cap of the connexin mRNA.

Moreover, in some instances, Cx37 that is usually thought to be an endothelial connexin has also been reported in smooth muscle cells. Physiological significance of connexins in the vasculature is to coordinate various functions by communicating between different cells. This communication between different cells of vasculature plays a central role in coordinating various cellular functions. Moreover, gap junctions formed between the smooth muscle and endothelium provide the pathway for the radial and longitudinal communication in the vascular system.

One speculation is that connexins have a very important cellular function that requires that these proteins to be translated even under the conditions when global translation is inhibited. Indeed, IRES-mediated initiation of translation has been found in genes of proteins that need to be expressed under conditions where cap-mediated translation is impaired. This includes some transcription factors, heat shock proteins, and proteins involved in apoptosis and cell cycle regulation. Cap-mediated translation initiation is typically inhibited during mitosis, apoptosis, and conditions of cellular stress.

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