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By Didier Sornette

Concepts, equipment and strategies of statistical physics within the research of correlated, in addition to uncorrelated, phenomena are being utilized ever more and more within the common sciences, biology and economics in an try and comprehend and version the big variability and dangers of phenomena. this can be the 1st textbook written through a well known specialist that offers a contemporary up to date creation for staff open air statistical physics. The emphasis of the e-book is on a transparent realizing of ideas and techniques, whereas it additionally presents the instruments that may be of rapid use in functions. even if this ebook developed out of a direction for graduate scholars, will probably be of serious curiosity to researchers and engineers, in addition to to post-docs in geophysics and meteorology.

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There are several ways to measure the width of the variations. A first measure is the average of the absolute value of the spread (Dabs ) defined by ∞ Dabs = −∞ |x − x1/2 |P (x) dx . 21) Dabs does not always exist, such as for pdf’s with thick tails decaying as (or slower than) 1/x2 for large x. The variance σ 2 is the square of the standard deviation σ which provides a second measure and is defined by the average of the square of the distance to the mean: +∞ σ 2 = x2 − x 2 = −∞ (x − x )2 P (x) dx .

Remarkably, consistency alone implies that the bettor must obey the standard probability rules in his probability assignment: (i) p ≥ 0, (ii) p(A ∨ B) = p(A) + p(B) if A and B are mutually exclusive, (iii) p(A ∧ B) = p(A|B)p(B), and (iv) p(A) = 1 if A is certain. A ∨ B means A or B; A ∧ B means A and B. Any probability assignment that violates one of these rules can be shown to be inconsistent in the above sense. This is the so-called Dutch-book argument [206, 259]. 2 Bayesian View Point 11 averages in repeated bets; the bettor who violates the probability rules suffers a sure loss in a single instance of the betting situation.

99) holds also for c < 1, for which the Weibull cdf has a fatter tail than its corresponding asymptotic GPD. 2. Sums of Random Variables, Random Walks and the Central Limit Theorem Why do we care about sums of random variables? The answer is that everywhere around us the processes that we see often depend on the accumulation of many contributions or are the result of many effects. The pressure in a room, measured on a surface, is the sum of the order of 1023 momentum exchanges between the air molecules and the surface.

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