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By Christopher; Tokiwa, Gishin Ives

The checklist of Linji stands as one of many nice classics of the Zen culture, and sleek Zen grasp and reformer Hisamatsu Shin'ichi deals a full of life and penetrating exploration of the spiritual essence of the textual content. The list is a compilation of the sayings of Linji, the chinese language founding father of Rinzai Zen. a number of a long time in the past, Hisamatsu gave the twenty-two talks translated the following. This publication incorporates a preface via popular Zen thinker ABE Masao and an advent by way of Yanagida Seizan, the major pupil of classical Zen texts. The translators have further annotation for technical phrases and textual references.

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My discussion here has gotten into a somewhat narrow inquiry into single Chinese characters and phrases. Suffice it to say that sentences in Zen records have stripped away all useless words and reveal the wonder of a vigorous style. Withstanding a thousand years of wind and snow, these transmitted sentences have their own raison d’être. Each character and phrase has a source and a history. Convoluted exegesis is unacceptable, for what is needed is accurate penetration of the text. In this respect, close examination of “this seat” is the key to unlocking the Record, and this approach ties into all parts of the whole.

The “Buddha” must be Linji himself, and this “Linji” mustn’t be something we seek externally. Linji is within us – there is no Linji apart from our own Original Face. Only when this is realized does the Record of Linji reveal itself directly as our own words and actions. If we read it literally or I Simply Couldn’t Open My Mouth 5 merely copy Linji’s behavior, we are doing nothing more than an empty impersonation. What we must do is extricate ourselves from the Record so that the words and actions of the living Linji emerge from us.

Seppo- Gison, 45. , Taigen Fu-joza, - ayana - arinirv 822–908). Fu was a lecturer on the Mah Mahap a-na-s . utra (Nirvana Sutra). , nirvana that awakens to for being ignorant of what the dharma-kaya itself) really was, and as a result he devoted himself to zazen practice. While doing zazen he awakened, and at that point he went to Master Xuefeng. He kept practicing with the master and other brother disciples and never accepted any invitation to serve as a master himself. He remained there as an honored, senior-monk practitioner.

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