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By Julie Scanlon, Amy Waste

This eclectic assortment interrogates obstacles just about 19th and twentieth-century literature, functionality, tune and movie from a various diversity of serious and theoretical views. The authors probe the difficulty of negotiating limitations of their leading edge and ingenious investigations of technological know-how in Dickens, Eliot and Pater; narrative in Hawking and Weinberg; Bakhtin and the feminization of translation; lesbian romance via Jeanette Winterson; transitional adult females in migrant postcolonial fiction; pedagogy in South Africa; materiality and hypertext; the semiotic and cash in Jay McInerney; the position of clichT in Beckett; song in Wim Wenders; the 'real' in fiction, idea and function; inventive and educational writing; politics and aesthetics. unique contributions through Terry Eagleton and Sally Shuttleworth help this volume's fascinating problem to confirmed barriers and support to make it a scintillating and thought-provoking read.

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Dowse, Thomas Stretch, On Brain and Nerve Exhaustion (Neurasthenia) (London: Balliere, Tindall and Cox, 1892). Eliot, George, Adam Bede (cabinet edn; Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1878-80). —The George Eliot Letters (ed. Gordon S. ; New Haven: Yale University Press, 1954-78). —Middlemarch (cabinet edn; Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1878-80). Shuttleworth 'SO CHILDISH AND SO DREADFULLY UN-CHILDLIKE' 43 —Silas Marner, The Lifted Veil and Brother Jacob (cabinet edn; Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1878-80).

For example, Grandcourt's presence is deemed akin to the stranglehold of 'a crab or boa-constrictor which goes on pinching or crushing' (p. 477) and Gwendolen is constantly in terror of quarrels lest they end with his 'throttling fingers on her neck' (p. 626). 11. Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure (ed. H. Sisson; Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1978 [1895]), p. 266. All subsequent references are to this edition. 50 CROSSING BOUNDARIES determined, confirmed and validated sexual difference by means of narratives which asseverate the morbid consequences of living beyond one's biological means.

It is a paradox of her condition that her reversion to a quivering, self-sacrificing wife is at once a symptom of her disease and a sign of reintegration into a stable sexual hierarchy.

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