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By Laozi, Benjamin Penny, Edmund Ryden

"Of methods you could converse, / yet no longer the Perennial means; / by way of names you'll identify, / yet now not the Perennial Name." So starts off the best-loved of all of the classical books of China and the main universally renowned, the Daodejing or Classic of ways and Life-Force. Laozi's 2,500 year-old masterpiece is a piece that defies definition. The dominant photo is of how, the mysterious course in the course of the entire cosmos modeled at the nice Silver River or Milky approach that traverses the heavens. A life-giving move, the way in which offers upward push to all issues and holds them in her motherly embody. It allows the person, and society as an entire, to discover stability, to permit cross of lifeless greedy, and to stay in concord with the nice unchanging legislation that govern the universe and all its population. This new translation attracts at the most modern archaeological reveals and brings out the be aware play and poetry of the unique. straight forward remark accompanies the textual content, and the creation offers worthy historic and interpretative context.

About the Series: For over a hundred years Oxford World's Classics has made to be had the broadest spectrum of literature from around the world. every one reasonable quantity displays Oxford's dedication to scholarship, offering the main exact textual content plus a wealth of alternative necessary positive aspects, together with specialist introductions by way of top experts, voluminous notes to elucidate the textual content, updated bibliographies for extra learn, and masses more.

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NOTE ON THE TEXT AND TRANSLATION The Chinese editions used as a basis for this translation are A Concordance to the Daozang Wang Bi ben Laozi and Heshanggong ben Laozi ji Heshanggong zhu, ed. D. C. Lau and Chen Fong Ching (Hong Kong: Commercial Press, ICS series, 1995) and Liao Mingchun, Guodian chujian Laozi jiaoshi (Beijing: Qinghua daxue, 2003). The translation follows that of the classical edited text, corrected where necessary with reference to the ancient versions that have been discovered in recent archaeological excavations (see Introduction, pp.

1993 Discovery of the Guodian tomb. 1998 Dartmouth College Conference on the Guodian Daodejing. DAODEJING This page intentionally left blank THE WAY 4 Daodejing The basic metaphor in this chapter is of the Way as the mother who gives life to all that is. What exists comes from the darkness of her womb, but the text stresses that what is visible is the same as what is hidden within the womb. We are invited to think both in the direction of the whole of existence but also to follow life back to its source within the womb.

Not all chapters appear in Guodian, but where they do the chapter number is also supplied. Square brackets [ ] in the translation are used to indicate phrases that are found in the received version but not in the Mawangdui and Guodian versions. These passages may be later additions, such as conjunctions inserted to link verses together, or even notes, which in Chinese style are inserted into the text itself. Round brackets ( ) indicate phrases found only in the Mawangdui or only in the Mawangdui and Guodian versions.

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