Q. Can I apply at more than one store?
Yes, you can apply at several stores. You will be contacted should there be a position available at any of the stores you have applied at. When one of the stores contacts you, your application to the other stores is put on hold.

Q. How will I know you have received my application?
You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.

Q. Can I only complete my application online?
The easiest and most efficient way to apply for a job is through this website. However, you can visit your local Giovanni`s and ask the Manager for an application form.

Q. What kind of people are Giovanni`s looking for?
We’re looking for people who can represent Giovanni`s to our customers. We look for people who are fun and friendly, have a positive attitude, enjoy working in a team and take pride in their appearance.

Q. Will getting a job affect my studies?
At Giovanni`s we maintain that school always comes first. We’re flexible around working hours to accommodate time off for exams, extracurricular school activities, sports and family events. Hours for our school age employees are managed so that they don’t clash with their school timetable.

Q. What career opportunities are available at Giovanni`s? You can work in customer service, food preparation/line cook, or as a delivery driver. You will receive on-the-job training and cross-training if you are interested in progressing your career.

Q. What happens if I can’t make a shift?
You should contact your Store Manager as soon as possible to let your team know you can’t make the shift. It is your responsibility to find your own coverage. Regardless, always keep your manager informed.

Q. What hours will I work?
Depending on the role, the number of hours that an employee works will vary. The number of hours is also dependent on your availability.

Q. Is the uniform supplied?
Yes. You are supplied with a Giovanni`s shirt, hat or visor. If you decide to no longer work with us, please return those items. You need to provide your own black pants. Proper work shoes are required. No crocks or open toes shoes.

Q. How do I submit my resume? Email your résumé to:[email protected]


FAQs for drivers

Q. Do I need to use my own car to deliver pizzas?
Yes. You have use your car on each shift. Please make sure your car is clean, good working condition, and properly insured and registered.

Q. How are drivers paid?
You can be paid per delivery, an hourly rate, and plus a delivery fee. More specific information will be available at your interview.

Q. Am I responsible for any parking tickets or speeding fines received on shift?
Yes. We encourage safe driving at all times, and certainly do not encourage any of our drivers to speed or ignore parking restrictions.

Q. Do I receive training to become a Giovanni`s Driver?

Yes. We provide you with all the training and all on-the-job coaching you will need to become a successful Giovanni`s driver.

FAQ’s for Managers

Q. Does Giovanni`s have Part Time Management positions? 

Yes. There are part time positions for Shift Managers – however Store Managers are employed on a full-time basis.

Q. Do I receive training to become a Manager?
Yes. You will be provided with exceptional management training which covers all aspects of running a business as well as the opportunity to complete and receive Serv Safe Certification.

FAQs for parent


Your son or daughter has decided they want to join the Giovanni`s team to earn extra money, meet new people and take advantage of the great training and benefits Giovanni`s has to offer.As a parent, we imagine you’ll want to know how this might affect school, sport or social commitments.

Q. Will getting a job at Giovanni`s affect study programs?

At Giovanni`s we maintain that school or University always comes first. We’re flexible around working hours to accommodate time off for exams, extracurricular school activities, sports and family events. Hours for our school age employees are managed so that they don’t clash with their timetable.

Q. Will they be looked after at Giovanni`s?
The culture at Giovanni`s is inclusive and supportive, and one where everyone is encouraged to look out for each other. Our Open Door policy means our Store Managers are always available to Team Members and parents. In fact, we encourage parents to meet and have a chat with the Manager or Franchisee.

We have a genuine interest in helping our young employees grow, and learn new ways to cope and get on in a supportive and friendly environment

We support fair pay, safe working conditions and Equal Employment Opportunities at Giovanni`s. We also provide training to ensure your child is safe at work at all times. It is important to us that you understand our total commitment to your son or daughter’s safety and well-being at work.

Q. What about training and future career prospects?
Many employees join us to make some extra cash, meet people and to get a taste of the ‘real world’. However, the longer they stay the more they realize there are some great career opportunities on offer.

All employees are provided with training for their new job as well as on-the-job coaching to ensure they are successful in their job role. They will also get the chance to learn other roles within the store so that they continually learn new skills. These skills will not only benefit them at work, but will also give them skills for life.

From here, the prospects are endless. Most of our Store Managers and Franchisees started out as Team Members or Delivery Drivers. This could be the start of a great opportunity.
THE DELIVERY CHARGE IS NOT A DRIVE TIP. Product availability, combinability of discounts and specials, prices, participation, delivery area and charges, and minimum purchase required for delivery may vary.
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